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General terms and conditions

1. Validities

With a registration you accept all general term and conditions. These terms are the contractual relationship between the customers and seo-tools-optimizing. Deviating terms are not allowed, unless it was allowed from seo-tools-optimizing and have it get in writtenform. All visitors can use the free services, but seo-tools-optimizing don't ensure for the correctness of all displayed information.

2. Membership/formation of contract

You haven't contract if a order form has been send. You hav a contract if the invoice or an other written form of contract has been send to your e-mail address. A third person, who use an account, is not part of the contract and there is no contract relationship with seo-tools-optimizing. This effect for all packages which seo-tools-optimizing offer.

3. Object of agreement offer more packages. The services are explained in the registration site. The contract patnet has the rights to use the seo tools unlimited times. Copy and process tha analyse tools are not allowed, unless you have an agreement from seo tools optimizing in written form. doesn't guarantee for the correctness of the displayed data from the seo tools. Seo-tools-optimizing use APIs and extern sources for some tools to process and display information. Incomplete or uncorrect information can be caused from the extern sources or the APIs. An account will be activated 24 hours after seo tools optimizing has accept the payment.

4. Payment methods

At the moment we accept two payment methods. One payment method is invoice, which you get with e-mail after the registration or after agreement with seo tools optimizing. The other payment method is Paypal. If you choose the payment method Paypal you will redirect to Paypal and can complete your payment immediately.

5. Responsibility

The supplier don't take responsibility for content, data and information, which were published from the customers of seo tools optimizing. For linked websites seo tools optimizing doesn't take responsibility. Links to other websites arise from registered customers or not registered customers.

6. Service changes

Seo-tools-optimizing can change services, offer new services or change the prices. Customers who booked a package are not affected from changes for the life time of the booked services.

7. Disclaimer

The supplier take responsibility for injuries in life, health and body, which arise from reckless endargerment from the supplier. Responsibilty for damages, losses and secondary failures, which caused by processing, redirect and management of the datas, doesn't take the supplier. The same occurs for optimisation measures.

9. Jurisdiction

The jurisdiction is Stuttgart. The supplier has the right to indict the customer.

10. Clauses

Changes in the contract must be in written form. Subsidiary agreements and supplements must be in written form from seo-tools-optimizing, too.